Hi, I’m Lilian.

I’m in the storytelling and relationship building business.

As a PR coach and publicist, I help creative entrepreneurs and brands just like you to gain the confidence to learn how to make public relations work for you to share your story on a worldwide scale and become the global industry leader you were meant to be.


Why? Because I believe that every entrepreneur has a compelling brand story that deserves to be heard and celebrated by audiences all over the world. People don’t buy from you and support your brand just because your products or your books are compelling. They trust you because they resonate with your story.


As a woman of color who has pushed back against a lack of support, physical limitations and cultural traditions, along with managing a chronic illness (and at times, financial difficulties) while running my business, deciding to share my story was nerve wracking. Just like you, I feared being judged, dismissed or disrespected because I’d already experienced that.


But I made the decision to not allow my fears over the outcome control my actions, and as  a result, the freedom I found in sharing my story, and building strong relationships with audiences and clients who trusted me because my story resonated has been life-changing. And its this life changing growth that I help you find, by supporting you to share your story the right way.



PR success is about two things: 1) building trust and credibility with your story and 2) leveraging the right relationships with key media to get in front of the right audiences.

Through 1:1 coaching, courses, workshops, and campaign services, I’ll provide you with personalized guidance and support to push past the mindset blocks stopping you from moving forward, gain clarity on your goals and marketing ideas, your strategies and give you perspective on how you can position your story to captivate, entertain, educate and inform audiences the right way and how to build positive relationships with key media to leverage the trust and credibility they have with their audiences, to help build your reputation as a global industry leader.


Whether you’re looking for a PR coach to help you bust past limiting beliefs and mindset blocks to grow your brand & help you de-mystify the world of public relations and how to make it work for you, or a publicist who can help you launch successful campaigns to reach media, influencers, and brand advocates all over the world, I’m here to help!


Let’s do this!