Hi, I’m Lilian.

I’m in the storytelling and relationship building business. I take your stories and translate them into copy that converts to sales, strikes a chord with audiences and constantly raises expectations. You can consistently expand your business and gain loyal customers, online and offline.

I became a copywriter because as a long time creative writer, I know that smart, engaging content is content that piques your audience’s curiosity, makes them fall in love and fulfills their needs. Creating compelling copy is about focusing on your audience.

I became a publicist and social media strategist because creating copy that converts means that you have to first understand where your audiences are, how they communicate and what they value. As both a publicist and social media strategist, I build relationships with media, influencers and brand advocates worldwide, creating engaging content that audiences love.

Whether you need a copywriter who can collaborate with teams to increase sales, a publicist who can attract investor attention or a social media strategist who can build fan bases & raise awareness, I’m here to help!

Let’s do this!