Public Relations

In Conversation with Thomas Green of the Ethical Marketing Podcast

In this interview, I sit down with Thomas Green of the Ethical Marketing Podcast to chat about why my brand is built on the proverb, ‘Give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day but teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime,’ how education and empowerment are cornerstones of my […]

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In Conversation with Jen Buck for the HerStory Collaborative Podcast

In this exclusive HerStory Collaborative Podcast interview, I sit down with Jen Buck to chat about how I focus on education and empowerment in my PR product suite. Through my coaching intensives, coaching program, in-depth hybrid PR course, and campaign services, I help creatives break down mindset blocks and gain the confidence to use the

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#Friday5 with Ashley Amber

On this edition of #Friday5, I’m super excited to present my interview with author Ashley Amber! Ashley is the process of releasing her novella, The Flip Side of Sad, on March 30th, 2021. Newest singing sensation, James Letta, is promoting his new album, The Flip Side of Sad and he’s having what he believes to

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#Friday5 With Karima Zidani

On this edition of #Friday5, I had the opportunity to sit down with Karima Zidani, host of the Casually Normies Podcast. Karima lives by the ‘share to inspire’ mantra, as a podcaster, spoken word writer and storyteller, driven to be there for the youth of today & provide them with the right insight, guidance and

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#Friday5 with Tequoia Urbina

In this installment of #Friday5, I’m happy to have the chance to chat with screenwriter & filmmaker, Tequoia Urbina. A graduate of Georgia State University and Northeastern University, Tequoia has over 25 years of experience in TV and film and is dedicated to creating thought provoking and entertaining content. Her latest works are The Sojourner, a

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#Friday5 With Nataizya Mukwavi

This week, I’m absolutely excited and honored to be able to chat with Black Women Connect Vancouver’s founder, Nataizya Mukwavi. In 2017, Nataizya started Black Girl Magic which is now called Black Women Connect Vancouver as something she and friends could enjoy together. It was due to the success of this party she saw and

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#Friday5 with Brittany Geertgens

In this installment of #Friday5, we’re thrilled to chat with Brittany Geertgens. An entrepreneur, radio personality, entertainment host and creator, 25 year old Brittany has entrepreneurship in her blood. Raised by entrepreneurial parents, Brittany has always been encouraged to pursue her dreams and dream big. Brittany co-founded her first business, BlastHouse (a music and events

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#Friday5 With Cynthia Lemos

On this week’s installment of #Friday5, I got the opportunity to chat with London based author, Cynthia Lemos. A Portugal native, Cynthia had always wanted to get out of her comfort zone and explore the world. In 2014, she made the move to London. After successfully completing her degree in Education and her PGCE with

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#Friday5 with Christina Carmona

For this edition of #Friday5, I’m super excited to have the chance to chat with the amazingly talented Christina Carmona. Television host, award-winning actress/filmmaker and CEO of Bad Kitty Films L.L.C., Christina is more than a triple threat in the entertainment industry. She’s also a producer for the Orlando 48 Hour Film Project and has

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