Insights From the Top Marketers in Social Media


For this post, I decided I’d do something a little different. Since I’m always looking for new insights, tips and guides for new tools in marketing, in a continual bid to educate myself on what’s new in marketing and social media; why not look for actual advice?

After doing some research, I came across a great e-book, filled with insights from some of the industry’s top marketing experts. From ideas on how to effectively engage your audience to advice on how to properly measure how successful a campaign was, this e-book has it all.

Without further ado, here are some of the best marketing insights that resonated with me.

The Rules of Engagement

“More is not necessarily better. Post things that are relevant, useful and thoughtful, rather than just lots of posts”- Paul Odnoletkov @Geosoft Global Marketing Associate, Geosoft, Inc.

“When someone posts on a social channel, you need to try and immediately respond. Don’t fall victim to poor “listening.”- David George @SystemSensor Director, Marketing Communications, Honeywell

“Try not to post too much company centric news–you will almost always be bragging too much. We learned to post more relevant industry and analyst news to balance out our promotions.”-Lauren Twele @Symplified Online Marketing Manager, Symplified

Measure and Iterate

“Integrate your social media tactics into a tool that tracks your outreach, so you can see what works and what doesn’t”-Marchell Gillis @MarchellGillis

“Always test to see what works in paid advertising. And then constantly re-assess based on your findings.-Jill Petre @jillpetre Marketing Coordinator, SendGrid

Ideas to Generate Social Lift

“For everyone who follows us on Twitter, we give them access to a piece of content.”- Katherine Fawcett @buildingengines Marketing Associate, Building Engine

“Friday freebies! We do a small giveaway every week. We get product feedback, use cases, and product development information. We also get a “soft” lead for sales to follow up on.”- Brandi Brown @brandiheinz Social Media and eCommerce Manager, ETA Hand2Mind

“While running contests and collecting email addresses, make sure to send periodic lead nurture updates throughout the contest so the entrants stay familiar with your brand.”-Nicole Aguilar @COOPTHINK

Social Marketing Words of Wisdom

 “If you don’t do it, you don’t make mistakes!”-Emily Hossellman @ehossellman Marketing Goddess, Centercode

“Don’t commit and then stop. You need to maintain and build.”- Steve Susina @ssusina, Director or Demand Generation, Crain Business Insurance

“Don’t abandon traditional tools–bake social into every existing app!”- Craig Probus @RevCultCraig Practice manager, RevCult

Content Is King

“Make sure you are always on top of content generation and thinking about the next post/engagement.”- Simon Poulton @SPoulton Marketing Analyst, LaserFiche

“People love video! Visual content is key on social channels. And remember not to censor comments.”-Nimmy Reichenberg @AlgoSec VP of Marketing, Algosec Interactive Marketing Manager, Co-op Financial

Social Is a Group Effort

“We have learned that in social media marketing we have to both guide our customers and teach them how to share our content.”-Sarah Sullivan @Sarah_Sull Social Media Intern, Healthcaresource

“Our social strategy relies on influencers and industry leaders. We provide content that is full of data and analytics. This works as a preview to our larger reports.”- Eugene Ko @PhoCusWright Manager, Digital Marketing, PhocusWright

What are some of the best pieces of advice related to marketing and social media that you’ve received?

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