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I help clients navigate the big picture with every campaign. I serve a global client base with projects worldwide. Through PR coaching, publicity campaigns, social media marketing  and copywriting, I empower creative entrepreneurs to gain the confidence to develop successful PR campaigns that consistently elevates projects to global audiences, generates revenue and exceeds expectations for growth. My expertise includes in-depth strategies for PR/media relations, content development, and social media campaign execution.


In-depth coaching intensive sessions with insight, tools & advice on how you can implement strategies and solve issues to maximize sales, audience growth and international recognition in copywriting, social media marketing and publicity campaigns. Work with me in 60 min sessions to remove road blocks and build strategies that will exceed your goals.


In-depth eight-week coaching program designed to help you build and launch a successful PR campaign from the ground up. Each weekly coaching session will be focused on a specific building block from positioning/branding to developing media kits and story pitches as well as developing social media content in preparation for launch.  You’ll get personalized guidance, resources, templates and more.


In my self-paced hybrid PR course, you can learn how to develop the building blocks of a successful PR strategy from the ground up, step by step. Through 12 chapters and 33 lessons, you can go at your own flexible pace to gain the knowledge of why positioning is important in PR, how to develop a compelling media kit, story pitch and more. You’ll get in-depth video slideshows, templates and access to book personalized coaching sessions with me to gain clarity, perspective and help you move past limiting beliefs to get your questions answered!


The hybrid coaching and campaign package is designed to help empower creative entrepreneurs gain the confidence, knowledge and resources to learn how to develop strong positioning, engaging media kits, compelling story pitches and extensive media contact databases for future campaigns. On the campaign side, I work with them to pitch stories, manage media relations and build positive relationships with podcasts and other media outlets.

For Event Planners

As a presenter and educational speaker, I’ve spoken to audiences of dozens of entrepreneurs and authors to rave reviews from both attendees and organizers. I’ve provided actionable tips to help brands and individuals push past limiting beliefs, build healthy and strong PR mindsets and start thinking about how they can launch successful PR campaigns to make their goals. I’ve worked with industry organizations such as Rising Tide Vancouver + Vancouver Island, Women in Publishing and many more.

Chapter Five-Conferences and Workshops

In every workshop and presentation, I focus on de-mystifying public relations, busting PR myths and helping attendees understand why PR is powerful and how they can launch successful PR campaigns by recognizing what triggers their limiting beliefs, building strong mindsets to push past them, brainstorming their goals to meet their objectives. I work with creative entrepreneurs, brands, and authors to gain the confidence to use PR to establish themselves as the global industry leaders they were meant to be.

Strategic Campaign Packages

When you’re looking for intensive strategic consulting to help build strategies but also want to incorporate campaign execution, I offer comprehensive copywriting, social media and publicity packages that offer the best of both worlds. Work with me to build and launch campaigns that will hit sales targets, create loyal brand advocates across the globe and establish you as a industry leader. 

Chapter Six -COPYWRITINg

Benefit-driven, captivating copy designed to boost sales, ramp up brand awareness and drive audience growth. Each content piece is tailored to the product/service, the medium and the audience. Whether the project is B2C, B2B, digital, print or ghostwriting-take the guesswork out of what might work and work with me to create pieces that WILL work

The storytelling and relationship building business to drive awareness, distribution and investment on a global scale. Each strategic PR campaign positions exciting stories from the ground up to attract customers and develop key relationships with worldwide media. From press kits and news releases to media relations, work with me to achieve multinational coverage and growth for your next project.


Develop and share exciting, viral content strategies to drive sales and create engagement everywhere. Every in-depth social media marketing campaign has strategies to entice new customers and generate leads. From content calendars to Instagram ads, work with me to promote new product lines, build fan bases and develop influencer campaigns

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