Events and Additional Business Resources

Looking for More Resources to Help Your Brand Stand Out & Gain More Sales?

Two Memberships Designed to Help You Tell Your Brand Story & Build Your Digital Footprint

Take the first step to craft your brand story and build your digital footprint by learning how to develop content marketing strategies that will keep you accountable and reach the right audiences.

With the MarketaPeel membership, you’ll receive access to the latest podcasts, events, and weekly membership emails filled with tips on how to craft and improve your brand story.  You’ll also be given Level 1 challenges and workshop videos to help you build your brand story, access to experts within the community and members only content to answer any questions you have and the opportunity to be featured in a Unpeeled blog interview.


With the next tier CreateaPeel membership, you’ll receive all the perks of the MarketaPeel membership along with weekly Zoom coaching calls, exclusive brand story workshops, the ability to be interviewed on Unpeeled, an interview on the BrandaPeel podcast, and more!


Learn more about the memberships here.


Your Own Branded Digital Magazine

You can have your own interactive, digitally branded magazine created featuring articles, images, video, downloadable content, an email lead capture form and more designed to educated, captivate, entertain and inform your audiences all about your brand, projects and events. You’ll receive access to the MarketaPeel social media promotion package to help promote the magazine, cross promotion in the APeeling Magazine, images & copy to help share the magazine with your email lists and more!


Check out the digital magazine packages here. 

White Label Ebooks Designed for You

Are you wanting to share your brand story, your expertise and knowledge, establishing you as a thought leader in your industry, but you don’t have the time?

Check out the Marketapeel line of white label ebooks. You get to choose the topic, the branding, personalize your brand story and the length of the books, and the resale license to use how you choose. Want to use it to build your email list, giveaway in a contest or as a resource for a workshop or sell online? You can do all of that!


Check out the line of white label ebooks here.