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As a PR coach and publicist, Lilian is dedicated to empowering creative entrepreneurs, authors, startups, and small businesses to gain the confidence to learn how to build successful PR campaigns to achieve their goals and position themselves as the global industry leaders they’re meant to be.


As a presenter and educational speaker, she’s spoken to audiences of dozens of entrepreneurs and authors to rave reviews from both attendees and organizers. She’s provided actionable tips to help brands and individuals push past limiting beliefs, build healthy and strong PR mindsets and start thinking about how they can launch successful PR campaigns to make their goals, demystified PR myths and provided strategies on how to expand PR campaigns. Lilian has given workshop presentations for entrepreneurship networks such as Hervana and Rising Tide Vancouver + Vancouver Island and industry associations like The Independent Romance Authors Association and Women in Publishing.



Through her strategic coaching intensive sessions, program, PR course, and campaign services, she empowers brands, entrepreneurs, and authors with the confidence to launch their own successful PR campaigns, using the right tools, platforms, and knowledge. With personalized guidance and support, she help clients bust past limiting beliefs, and gain the clarity and perspective they need to build successful PR campaigns to achieve their goals.




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