* FREE* Chronicling Your Journey Brand Story Journal

* FREE* Chronicling Your Journey Brand Story Journal

 Are you ready to share your unique brand story and step into your destiny as a go-to industry expert?

Developing a compelling brand story is the first building block to a successful PR campaign. An engaging brand story forms the backbone of a PR strategy and is the first impression audiences and the media have of you. It plays an integral role in your media kit, your story pitches, social media content and is absolutely crucial to how you perform in interviews.


A brand story is the story of you and how you became the creative entrepreneur you are. What experiences, people, objects inspired you, what motivates you to create your projects, why you love them, and what your goals are for them are all key questions that your brand story answers. It’s about going introspective to dig deeper into how you work, why you choose to work, and how you develop the ideas and processes behind your projects that have helped you build positive and influential relationships with partners, collaborators, and audiences up to this point.


This free brand story journey is designed to help you break out of the limiting beliefs & push past your mindset blocks about why you CAN’T share your brand story and get you thinking about how you want to structure your brand story, the parts you want to share and how/where you want to share them. The prompts and additional resources will help you build the confidence to share your brand story, learn how to present yourself the right way and empower you to successfully develop and launch the first building block of a successful PR campaign!


Chronicling Your Journey Brand Story Journal