* FREE* In Retrospect PR Mindset Journal

Building a healthy and strong PR mindset is absolutely crucial to the success of PR campaigns. Mindset is the incredibly powerful established set of attitudes & beliefs that you have about yourself and your projects. It can influence your perception of your abilities, your knowledge, and what you’re capable of. It can also influence your decision-making.

Your mindset about PR influences how or if you’ll develop & implement a strategy and whether or not you’ll see results. It can impact the energy you carry, how you show up for your audiences and how consistently you engage with them. If you buy into the PR myth that you need thousands of audience members to ‘qualify’ for PR, you won’t reach your goals or grow because the limiting beliefs and mindset you have will stop you from moving forward.

This free PR mindset journal is designed to get you thinking about how and why you feel a certain way about PR, how the PR myths you believe can negatively impact your mindset, and tips on how to push past those limiting beliefs to build a healthy & successful PR mindset. The prompts and additional resources will help you learn how to gain the confidence to take on building successful campaigns, empower you to believe in your own story, and become the best-selling global leader version of yourself.