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You Need Personalized Support.

You have dozens of ideas but you’re stymied on how to put them into action. You’re craving the personalized support that will help you get started & answer your burning PR questions. You want the opportunity to tap into the expertise of a knowledgeable coach.

You Need a Coaching Call

You Need Step-By-Step Guidance

You know you have a great story to share, but you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the skills you have to master to get your story out the right way. You want in-depth step-by-step guidance and personalized support on how to develop the building blocks of a successful PR strategy.

You Need the Marketing Academy

You Need Internationally Recognized Expertise

You have an upcoming book launch, or film premiere and you want to make a big splash. You want to generate buzz around your project, achieve your goals & you want to partner with an expert publicist on your team who will build a strategic campaign launch to make it happen.

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