The Powerful Publicity Prescription

Critically Acclaimed Nonfiction Debut

Are you ready to unlock your superpower,  attract clients, and build the confidence to develop your reputation as a global industry leader?

Inside the empowering pages of The Powerful Publicity Prescription, Lilian demystifies the world of public relations, inviting you to take your business to the next level by harnessing your superpower to attract clients and expand your community.

Never get stuck with mediocre marketing again as you dive into what makes PR powerful and learn the insider secrets on how to develop your own customized and tailored recipe for PR success including how to harness the Objective Key Result (OKR) goal framework to break down your concrete goals into achievable tasks over the span of three months to a year.

Through real world case studies, actionable tips, and powerful examples taken from Lilian’s own rich client portfolio, she guides you, step by step, on how to recognize and fulfill your fullest potential as an entrepreneur, author, small business or nonprofit owner by helping you gain the confidence to share your story on an international level.

Let this book  be your #1 resource on the journey towards fulfilling your greatest potential to maximize the positive impact you make in your business and beyond.

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About the Author

Lilian Sue is the long-time PR coach and publicist behind The Powerful Publicity Prescription and her signature 1:1 PR coaching programs, designed to empower creative entrepreneurs to break down the barriers of  fear, anxiety, and imposter syndrome stopping them from moving forward with business growth, giving them the tools, resources, and personalized guidance they need to harness the power of publicity to reach their fullest potential. Her mission is to educate and empower entrepreneurs, small business owners and nonprofits from all walks of life to unlock their unique superpowers to make the positive impacts they want on the world, and embrace lives of joy, growth and learning.

Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, as a first generation Chinese born Canadian of immigrants, Lilian thrives on discovering new cultures, and new opportunities for growth, both personally and professionally.

A bilingual lover of travel, Lilian and her husband have traveled to the Caribbean, the UK, Iceland, various parts of the Western United States and South Africa, with a goal to someday live abroad.



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Early Praise for The Powerful Publicity Prescription

“Lilian Sue’s The Powerful Publicity Prescription offers a masterclass in maximizing public relations to elevate your status as a global industry expert. This no-nonsense guide demystifies the PR world, providing readers with actionable, cost-effective strategies to develop their brand and launch impactful publicity campaigns….As a publisher of three imprints, I can’t recommend it enough — I’ll be gifting a copy to all my authors!”


-Jill Carlyle, Publisher |Empowered Press

“Lilian Sue has created a goldmine with this book, The Powerful Publicity Prescription. In today’s climate, there’s a race to the top to position yourself as a thought leader in your field…You will be able to create and launch a campaign that will get you noticed and it will surely pay dividends in your career. Exceptionally well done!”

-Jen Buck, Award Winning Keynote Speaker, Certified Trainer, Chief Operating Officer

“Savvy, strategic publicity is paramount for any business seeking to thrive. In The Powerful Publicity Prescription, Lilian Sue unveils invaluable techniques to captivate your target audience, build trust and credibility, forge enduring brand loyalty, and elevate your brand to unprecedented heights…With Lilian Sue as your PR coach, your success awaits.”

 – Hannah Jacobson, Founder of Book Award Pro

“The Powerful Publicity Prescription takes readers through step by step strategies to build relationships with media, find opportunities, how to pitch media and succeed in interviews. The book  is full of practical strategies and provides case studies to learn from and mindset exercises that help readers bust myths about PR and have the right mindset for PR success!”

-Charmaine Hammond, Certified Virtual Presenter, Professional Speaker and Best-Selling Author

“Many have written about public relations throughout history, from theory texts to books announcing the death of the media. The Powerful Publicity Prescription is the most accessible and practical book I’ve encountered for the everyday business owner, creator, or leader. PR isn’t dead—it’s evolved, and this book is your most up-to-date guide on what the practice involves today…. Take Lilian’s prescription ASAP and witness your reputation soar.”

—Sandra Nomoto, Award-Winning Ethical Marketer and Author

“….Perfect for authors, business owners, creators, and anyone in between, this is an accessible and practical guide to making PR work for you from day one.”

 -Vanessa Campos, Co-Founder at Broad Book Group

The Powerful Publicity Prescription is THE PR bible for any author, filmmaker or creative entrepreneur wanting to harness the authentic power of building genuine relationships and connections in the media…I highly recommend this book for any new or seasoned creative who wants a go-to resource for all things PR!”

—Pia Edberg, 5X Best-Selling Author, Editor & Self-Publishing Book Coach

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