Copywriting 101

What is Copywriting
What is Copywriting

This is the first segment of Copywriting Tips-an exclusive section on @lsue30 focusing on providing you with informative tips and advice on what makes good copy & how great copywriting can help your business. Onward to the post!

Have you ever had a writer approach you and ask you if you need copywriting services for your company? Have you stopped afterwards and wondered, why would a writer be asking me about copyrighting? Wouldn’t I go to a lawyer to talk about copyrighting my brand?

First things first: copywriting has NOTHING to do with copyright law. They may sound the same and be similarly spelled but they couldn’t be more different. Copywriting is related to writing, copyright is related to law.

What is Copywriting?

What makes copywriting different from other types of writing? Copywriting is any piece of writing that converts, that convinces people to take action. It’s copy that helps brands increase sales.

Any time you want someone to click on a link, sign up with their email, give you a call or buy something, it relies on copy. It’s important messaging that will define your brand and help you to increase sales.

So Where Do You See Copywriting?

Copywriting can be seen in everything from social media ads like Facebook & Instagram, to TV ads, emails, websites, landing pages, billboards, promo videos and radio ads. You probably see copywriting in your mailbox, too, in the form of postcards and flyers from real estate agents, politicians during elections and small businesses around your neighborhood.

Great copywriting is about increasing sales through sharing amazing stories that your audience loves and that also builds value for your brand.

Compelling Copywriting Grabs Attention

Good copy has enticing headlines or subject lines, whether it’s a video promo, email or sales page that grabs attention. When your reader, viewer or listener sees or hears the headline, they’re going to want to know more. They’ll click through to your website, open the email or give you call to learn more about what you’re offering. Headlines are about provoking a customer’s desire, plus adding a sense of urgency for them to get to know you and quickly-so they don’t miss out on the latest sale, promotion or giveaway.

After the Headline, It’s About Delivering on Promises

Once you get a customer to click on the subject line, it’s about delivering on what you promised them.

Customers aren’t as interested in the bells and whistles of your product or service as much as you think. Yes, they’d like to know what features the product/service has, but more importantly, they want to know what the product/service CAN DO FOR THEM.

They want to know how your product or services can benefit them. What’s the problem or pain point that your product/service can solve? (ie. help customers make dinner faster, find hundreds of qualified counsellors and therapists easier, do your own oil changes etc.).

Your headline gets them in the door, but it’s your website, your email, your sales page that needs to re-inforce why they’re here. You need to deliver on the big promise of showing them how what you’re sharing with them can BENEFIT THEM.

Close with a Strong Call to Action

Getting them through the door with a compelling headline and showing them how you can benefit them is one thing, but none of that matters if you don’t close with a strong call-to-action.

Whether it’s wanting them to sign up for a newsletter, make a purchase or download an ebook, you need to ask prospective customers to do ONE THING. It needs to be clear, concise and definitely shouldn’t make them confused about what to do next.

If you’re working with a slightly longer email or sales page, don’t be afraid to repeat the call to action more than once, to make sure it sinks in!

Does this help you understand what copywriting is? The gallery below will help answer other questions you have. Follow me here and on Twitter at @LSue23 and on Instagram @lsue30 for more tips, tactics and insights into the world of copywriting!


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