February 2012 Issue of the Village Vibe Is Out: Good Deeds and Good Health Go Hand in Hand @ Fernwood Yoga Den

The February issue of the Village Vibe is now out and in this issue, I interviewed Lola Storry and Rachel Sadava on their new yoga studio, Fernwood Yoga Den.

I’m not a yoga practitioner by all means, but Lola and Rachel’s enthusiasm won me over and their approach to yoga is different from anything I’ve ever heard of.  Their experiences and their focus on providing yoga to people with mental health issues and who are recovering from trauma is both inspiring and it’s created a niche in the yoga marketplace.

I really enjoyed talking to the girls about the studio and this article managed to make it on to the front page of this issue!

I hope you enjoy reading it, because I certainly enjoy writing it and I’m definitely proud of it. 🙂


February Issue of the Village Vibe

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