#Friday5 With Cynthia Lemos

Cynthia Lemos

On this week’s installment of #Friday5, I got the opportunity to chat with London based author, Cynthia Lemos.

A Portugal native, Cynthia had always wanted to get out of her comfort zone and explore the world. In 2014, she made the move to London. After successfully completing her degree in Education and her PGCE with QTS, she found what she believes is her true purpose: a teacher that will inspire individuals to become better citizens of the future.

But in the last 6 years, her life was anything but easy. She fell in love with someone from a different culture and religion.  Their love was fragile, breakable and ‘forbidden’ in the eyes of many people. But she loved so deeply, that she promised to never give up on him. Cynthia explains in her book, ‘Never Give Up on Me’, that the unknown can be tough to deal with, especially if humankind insists on recognizing differences that separate us, rather than the things that unify us. Her book invites us to put ourselves in her shoes and encourages readers to put love on top but to never forget to love ourselves first.

‘Never Give Up On Me’ is not a self-growth book, but it definitely inspires self-love. Check it out here.

What is your greatest accomplishment to date?

I am happy with many things that I achieved to date, but I would say that the greatest accomplishment is the fact that I came to this country not really knowing English and I am now a qualified teacher in the UK, and my first book published in English.

What’s a book you re-read over and over again?

My book. I read it many times until it did not hurt anymore. I usually read self-growth books, and if I could choose to read one again, that would be ‘The Art of Being Brilliant’ by Andy Cope.

If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be?

I have a long list, but I would choose my father. We never had that chance, and I would like to have an opportunity to know more about him and understand his life choices.

A place you’ve never been, but is on your bucket list?

Maldives. I love islands and their magic.

Who was the greatest influence/inspiration in your career?

I usually get inspired from what I love, not from people. However, what influences my persistence and perseverance are speeches that I hear from successful people such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Oprah, Beyonce, Maya Angelou, etc.

What’s your greatest joy?

My family and close friends being well and happy, although they are far away.

Greatest “A HA “ moment?

When I finally got accepted and enrolled into a university in London after hearing loads of NOs. That was the first time that I proved to myself that I could do what I dream of despite others telling me it is impossible.

Greatest pet peeve in business?

Finances. I had been studying full-time while working two jobs, which is enough to survive. However, it did not give me enough to save or to strive. Because of finances, I also did not have much time for myself, and I could not enjoy my youth as most girls in their twenties. But this is what gives me inspiration to build a business that will make it so I don’t have financial hardship ever again.

At this stage in your career, what would you consider to be a dream project/opportunity?

This is a little secret, but when I was younger, I wanted to be a movie producer/ screenwriter. I would love to see my book as a series on Netflix.

What piece of advice would you give young people just starting out in their career?

Sometimes it might seem that the world is all crashing down, but it is only testing how badly you want it. So, never give up. If you are working on something that you are passionate about and you believe in, just do it. Take the risk, make that jump. You have a lifetime for learning from failures and for accomplishing that thing that you really want. Find yourself first and believe in yourself! You will be surprised with what you can really do. And when you think that you are not good enough, just remember: ‘If someone did it, why can’t you?’ Don’t let your fear, insecurities or even other people stop you!


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